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NO. :IVECO 1902138

Size:81x61x70x158   M16x1.5  

Automobile Filters
Product Description
Product Name: Diesel  Filter
Model Number: OK410-23-802A
Place of Origin: China
1) Made of high quality material
2) Used to prevent against leakage
3) Keeps oil/fuel clean
4) All parts are under rigid quality control before shipment
5) Manufactured under ISO9001 standards
Particulate filtration
For use with diesel, gasilne, and ethanol or methanol blends up to 10%
Use with low-volume commercial power pumps
For use on above ground storage tanks above ground gravity flow dispensing, transfer tanks
Protects equipment
Cleaner change-out with draincock design
Removes commom contaminants such as dirt, dust, and rust ease
Recongnized by the(UL)for use with service pumps and dispensers.
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